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Susan GrantHello! Thank you for being here!

My name is Susan Grant and I’m the creative behind Color Envy Design. I’m an Interior Decorator, Stylist & 3D Virtual Render Artist. My specialty is Data Driven Paint Color Consultations.

Clients hire me to help guide them through their unique redecorating process. My very unique niche is data driven interior paint color consulting. I utilize color data and color science to get the paint colors just right for their spaces. No guessing or eyeballing it. I make sure their whites don’t clash and they select paint colors that don’t fight with their spaces by measuring and using the color data from all the elements we are using. (tile, backsplash, fabric, countertops, wallpaper, etc).

Using this cutting edge technology, I can also quickly find a lighter or darker version their “perfect color” without “cutting the paint formula” at the paint store. That concept absolutely does not give clients the color they think it will. I stop all the “stressing and guessing” for the clients. After working with me on color, they have the knowledge and understanding of why colors will or won’t work for them and this lets them choose their paint colors quickly and confidently.

Utilizing 3D walkthroughs and photorealistic renderings, clients and I also collaborate on everything from space planning a room or whole home and overall color story. This approach lets clients virtually “see” and “walkthrough” their virtually decorated space before making any big and costly decisions. We work out all the details in the virtual space so they have confidence when making their decisions, big changes and big purchases. They also receive high quality photorealistic 4K renderings of the finalized designs they use as a guide to execute completion of their space. This completely reduces the overwhelm of the project for them.

We work together until they love it, and then they can execute purchasing their items from any of their favorite in person or online stores. They can use coupons, wait for a sale or know when it’s ok to buy that fabulous marked down find. They KNOW the size, shape, color, fabric etc. will work in their space from the collaborative process we went through during the concept phase.

Clients also hire me for “shopping with you or for you” and styling services as well. I have a variety of services to suit different investment levels so the client decides how much or how little support they need from me. My approach is truly collaborative and client centric.

In-person appointments in Suffolk and Nassau. ALL my services can be done 100% remotely so clients from all over the country hire me.

Contact Information

Susan Grant
Owner/Principal Decorator/3D Render Artist/Expert Pant Color Consultant

Color Envy Design
+1 (631) 629-5577
New York, NY

“All The Beauty of A Professionally Decorated Space, Executed By You At Your Pace!”

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