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Robert RosenDR Administrative Services, Inc. has been a Third Party Administrator for over 25 years specializing in Direct Reimbursement as well as standard self-funded dental and vision benefits. The Direct Reimbursement concept was created and endorsed by the ADA over 30 years ago. DR dental plans are based on three factors: they are dollar based, self-funded and provide freedom of choice of provider. Vision plans are similarly defined. There is no better way to provide dental benefits for your employees.

In addition, DR Administrative Services, Inc. has partnered with HRO Resources, an online provider of payroll services combined with a library of HR information made available to everyone that signs up. There are two different solutions available, Total HRO and Payroll Plus. Total HRO provides a complete outsourcing solution while Payroll Plus is for the business that wants to do payroll in-house. In addition, there is on-demand HR expertise and a library of HR content including HR compliance and documentation.

All these benefits are available by visiting www.dradmin.com or calling 888 791-3737.

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Robert Rosen

DR Administrative Services, Inc.
+1 (631) 629-4110
+1 (516) 449-2171
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20 Broadhollow Rd Suite 3007, Melville, NY 11747

“Direct Reimbursement Dental Plans.”

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