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About Us

James C. CorbettHi I’m James Corbett, For the last few years I decided to focus on helping people just like me…As most people know I became quite successful with the very first program I dove into, However I learned a huge lesson (NO stream of income is safe). This is why I have made it my mission to seek and test as many Safe, Profitable and Easy programs I can.

The mission of Profit Servant is to create financial freedom by providing education and support to develop multiple streams of revenue. Working together in a FREE no-pressure and supportive framework, in one of the many companies listed in Profit Servant: ie

  1. Specializing in Crypto currency – learning how to create passive income.
  2. Opportunities for multiple streams of income with crypto currency.
  3. Weekly business education and strategy sessions

Ask me about Juiceplus, Joi Delivers and other ways to make money!

The common thread is the collective goal of establishing secure and safe multiple income strategies using vetted businesses and backed by strong support and education.

Join us every Sunday at 8pm EST as we take a deeper dive into the world of multiple streams of income.

Profits Made Easy

Contact Information

James Corbett
Chief Developer

Profit Servant
+1 (631) 603-6395
New York, NY

“Creating Safe Passive Income, Made Easy.”

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